English Conversation for Children to Adults in Yaizu

Welcome to the Bonorong Language School website! Started in 2003, we are one of the first English language schools in Yaizu to offer Native Teacher classes from babies to adults. Students come from Fujieda, Oigawa, Yoshida, Shimada and even further! We have a wide range of classes with the aim to make English enjoyable and relevant to your English goals. We offer classes from 6 months old to adults, group classes and private classes. It’s free to come for a trial lesson or consultancy so take a look at our class descriptions and don’t hesitate to call us or drop by.

“Bonorong” loosely means “creatures living in the forest” in Australian Aborigine language. The founder of Bonorong, Tricia de Jersey, is from Australia and at Bonorong we bring that feeling of nature to you with our log-house school and bio-toilet. Our Native teachers have come from around the world, such as America, England, New Zealand and, of course, Australia. Our Chinese classes are also conducted by a Chinese native speaker.