Elementary School Classes

In the elementary school classes students are divided into 4-5 levels depending on their age and experience. Many students join at this level and pick up English very quickly as material and lessons are developed to match each level. Students sit at tables for the first time in Stage 1, and writing the alphabet is introduced. This is extended to include first letter consonants, vowel sounds and short words, until, in Stage 4 or 5 students can write sentences and develop strong spelling and reading skills.

In Stage1 question/answer game sessions are continued but students also begin to give speeches about themselves and their family.

By the time students reach Stage 5 they are able to talk about school, pets, likes/dislikes, abilities, routines and much more!

The question/answer sessions and speeches sre carefully designed to prepare students for the ultimate goal- doing a homestay in an English-speaking country!

At Bonorong, we aim to have students start junior high school English with the image of English as fun and easy.

Past students have gone onto study English in junior high and high school, confident in English and receiving some the top marks in their classes!