Employment Opportunities

**********Currently no positions available*************


Bonorong Language School currently has four teaching staff. There are 2 Full-time Native English teachers, and one Japanese English teacher. Contracts for the Native English speakers are 1-year contracts. When a contract finishes and the teacher decides to move on or the contract is not renewed a place is advertised on this website as well as popular employment websites. Fortunately Bonorong Teachers usually stay with us for 2 or more years which means positions offered are rare opportunities for a teacher to join our school. However, if you are particularly interested in working with us and would like us to keep you in mind if a position does become available, we welcome CV’s at anytime.

Working conditions

Bonorong is owned and run by Tricia de Jersey, an Australian who has lived and worked in Japan for over 10 years. Tricia also has a full teaching load which means she completely involved in the everyday workings of the school. Bonorong is housed in a log house built by the owner’s husband. This provides the ideal working and study environment as you look out of the window onto trees and rice paddies. We are located in Yaizu which is a semi-rural area that has both natural features and the convenience of shopping facilities, such as AEON etc. Teachers who work at Bonorong find it convenient to live close to the school (and shopping centres) as we are a 25-minute ride by bike from the station. Visa sponsorship can be provided as can assistance in finding accommodation.

The school is open from 10am-9pm Mon-Fri and 9am-5:30pm on Saturday. Our students range from 6 months old to adults and teachers will potentially have classes spanning all age groups as well as a business class, twice a month. We also have 2-3 events during the year which we ask teachers to help with. There is a maximum of 8 students per class and classes are divided into ages and levels with textbooks and materials provided. A paid training period takes place to allow teachers to familiarise themselves with the teaching materials and classes. Weekly meetings are also held to discuss classes, lesson plans and school administration, aiming to keep in touch with teachers’ progress and provide support. A one-year curriculum is followed for the children’s classes, with the adult classes paced according to the students’ abilities and learning style.

Applying for a position

If a position is advertised, applications will be reveiwed and some applicants will be contacted for an interview. Preference is given to those with experience, epecially in teaching young children. Teaching qualifcations such as TESOL etc, or a degree in education is also preferred. Interviews will be either face-to-face or via Skype. Aside from general questions there will be a grammar test which will show the applicants ability to not only recognise errors in grammar but how well the interviewee can explain the correct grammar. A mock lesson plan with specifications given will also be required during the interview. Time will be given for the applicant to ask questions at the end. We are looking for a person who is genuinally interested in the school and our approach and philosophy. We look forward to meeting passionate, professional teachers! Please send CVs with references and photo to: bonorongcontact@gmail.com