We, at Bonorong, are proud to announce the commencement of our student exchange program from May 2017. In co-ordination with the Tasmanian Education Department we offer homestay and study programs from 2 weeks to 3 years, from grade 5 to adult. Students are able to do a homestay with Tricia, the founder of Bonorong, who was born in Hobart, Yaizu’s sister-city, and can go to the same schools as her children. Students can feel safe in the knowledge that they will be looked after by someone they know, in an area famous for its clean air and abundant nature. This is a unique opportunity for students to practice their English that they have learnt at Bonorong, experience a different culture and challenge themselves. This program is exclusively for Bonorong students.

Reasons to do a Homestay and Study Program with Bonorong…

  • The homestay coordinator is Tricia, from Bonorong, a native of the area with school-aged children.
  • Students can go to a public school- the same schools as Tricia’s own children (or a private English school for adults).
  • Tasmania is a safe place with plenty of nature and clean air.
  • Parents will be able to communicate with the homestay co-ordinator, Tricia in Japanese, making communication easy and effective.

If you would like more information about the becoming a student and participating in the program, don’t hesitate to contact us.