Junior High School Classes

At Bonorong we are proud of our Junior High School program. Students are offered the choice of a Native teacher’s class, Japanese teacher’s class, or both! This enables us to cater for a wide range of student’s needs. In the Native Teacher’s class, lessons are based the junior high school textbook but focus more on usage, pronunciation and language production. In the Japanese teacher’s class, assistance is given for trouble spots and test preparation, as well as covering the fundamentals in the junior high textbook. Practice for the Eiken written and interview test is also provided. In the Junior High class students begin Book Club for the first time. Students take books home which are accompanied by a CD and practice reading at home.

They then have the opportunity to read for the teacher and receive rewards! Good reading skills help students greatly in their junior high school classes. Once students have graduated the junior high class, grade 3, they are ready to join the adult classes where their skills will be tested with different topics, a larger vocabulary and more challenging speaking and listening exercises.