Kindy Classes

The Kindy Classes are divided into 3 levels to match students’ year at kindergarten. Students join the class without a guardian for the first time in the Kindy 1 class.

Building on the language and skills practiced in the Toddler class, vocabulary is structured around various themes.

Language for talking about oneself are developed with ages, favourite colour, animal, food etc covered during a question/answer game session at the beginning of each class.

In Kindy 2, the seasons are introduced and this is extended in the Kindy 3 class to include months, days of the week and weather. Students also learn to recognize the alphabet and their sounds (phonics). Although the material taught during these kindergarten years increases, the emphasis is still very much on enjoying English through play and songs. Class sizes are kept small, with a maximum of 8, allowing students to have individual guidance from the teacher during the lesson.