Winter Walking in the Wilderness:タスマニアの自然でハイキング

It is possible to enjoy nature in Tasmania all year round, even in winter. National Parks  cover about 40% of Tasmania! Last weekend we took a walk in The Hartz National park which is also a Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage area. The walk is pretty easy, with most of it boarded to encourage people to stay on the track so that the amazing natural beauty that surrounds you, is protected. It is like being on another planet, with strange and wonderful plants and air that feels so clean and energy-giving. Only only about a one and a half-hour drive from the capital city, Hobart, it is a place that every visitor to Tasmania should make the time to see. If you come and do a homestay with us, we can go there together!



1.5 hours (hrs) return trip (rtn)